Why ShortSheets?

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The sheets you order from ShortSheets have never seen the inside of a hospital, or been exposed to other patients, or other ailments. Of course hospitals clean and sterilize their standard issue sheets to meet safety standards, but this process inevitably strips out much of the comfort, too. Enjoy the comfort of cleaner, softer, better sheets.


Our sheets are individually stitched by thoughtful, thorough people who know exactly what they make 

and who is going to recieve and enjoy them. 

We searched high and low for fun, bright, COMFORTABLE material, and didn’t find quite what we wanted. So we made our own super-soft jersey-knit fabric! We’re very proud of our product and excited for you to try our sheets!


ShortSheets have a patent-pending design that make them a perfect fit for any adult hospital bed (usually used for kids 4 and up). Rather than elastic on the fitted sheet, we use a cinch system that tightens snugly around the varying hospital mattress sizes, tucking itself in and minimizing the clumping and bunching that can happen with other sheets on a hospital bed for the most comfortable fit.


Hospital beds must have one side accessible at all times, but the space around the bed can be taken up with monitors, equipment, and hopefully family! 

ShortSheets’ unique cinch system makes beds easy to make when you don’t have access to all sides of the bed. Additionally, some patients must stay in bed, immobile while the linens are changed around them. Our cinch system is designed to make that process easier too. 


We are parents, we have been extended stay patients, and we are pediatric nurses who understand all too well what goes into a hospital stay. We think your room should be comfortable, bright, and YOURS. Hospitals can be big scary places--and not just to kids. If you have to be there (and we hope that you don’t) we want to make sure your experience is cozy and bright. We’re a small band of friends who are inspired by caring nurses everywhere, and all they do for a patient’s comfort. Are our sheets really that comfortable? Absolutely. Because we know that sometimes, just like the smallest patients, sometimes the smallest details are the ones mean the most.