What do you call a male seamstress?

Posted by jeff on 5/4/2015 to How we Started
What do you call a male seamstress?
I'll always be a bit uneasy about posting things on the internet. Especially pictures. I know, that's not a great quality if you're starting an online retail company. On the other hand, the same quality does a great job of preventing me from over-posting about my dog, or writing angry comments on youtube videos.

(He's a heck of a dog though. You'll probably see him at some point.) 

I get nervous about what people will pick up about me that I'm not intending to share. For example, in this photo, in addition to the knowledge that we're out of rosemary, one could also glean that I'm apparently a grown adult who has handwriting like a fourth grader. You might even guess that I'm left handed by the smudges you see in the chalk dust. And you would definitely notice that it's been much too long since anyone took a damp cloth to the chalkboard.

But back to the question at hand. We're meeting this week with actual seamstresses to discuss our prototype and measurements (hence all the chalkboard chicken scratch). It got us thinking... what do you call a male seamstress? A Seamster? A Sewer? 

(that can't be right).

There's got to be a word for it, but come to think of it, there aren't even many synonyms for that type of work (Seeing how 'Sewer' worked out on paper, I can guess why).

Anyway, I thought I'd share this picture to prove that we're hard at work figuring things out, since we're still probably quite a ways from turning out actual sheets. There's good news: I was good at math in High School. But the bad news is that I haven't really used it much since then. 

The same goes for chalk.

Best wishes.

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